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Beyond conventional strategies

Businesses are under increasing pressure as uncertainties mount, and the global context envolves faster than ever. No sector is immune to technology disruptions. Successful investors and executives design unconventional strategies, inspired by entrepreneurials successes, to defend and/or, establish leadership position.

3 types of mission

Agile Business Strategy

WMI provides boards and CEOs with independent advisory on their business strategy. By combining classical strategic analysis with creative entrepreneurial thinking methods, we open up new routes to boost shareholder value.

Corporate Startup Studios

WMI assists corporations in building their startup studio with strategy: framing scenarios, setting objectives and defining core financial and operational principles. We may also contribute to generate to deal-flow, assess startup projects and coach the teams.

Strategic Due Diligence

WMI provides boards and CEOs with independent assessements on external growth opportunities: acquisitions, investments and partnerships. Our role is to help in making sound investment decisions, reducing uncertainties, negotiating smartly and creating sustainable value.

More than 100 missions…

Antoine Duboscq

Founder and Managing Director

Antoine’s vision on agile strategies and value creation grew over time by working with senior executives on a variety of business challenges, within large organizations as well as in technology startups.

Large organizations

He started his career with Procter & Gamble, where he held a succession of management appointments contributing to substantially enhancing profit and growth on various brands (Tampax, Ariel, Bonux, Dash, Sunny Delight…). Later on, working for the Boston Consulting Group in London and Paris, Antoine contributed tosuccessful post-merger integrations in two different sectors (Universal Music Group and Sanofi pharmaceuticals) as well as various assignments in consumer goods. Since founding WMI strategy consulting firm in 2001, Antoine has directed, along with his team, more than 100 missions for large organizations, helping business units, CEOs and executive teams in a wide range of sectors (Orange, Medtronics, Johnson & Johnson, Adidas, Caisse des Dépôts, French Ministry of Finance…). As an example, in 2014, Antoine and his team were proud to help Paris-Saint- Germain in the design and creation of the leading football club’s new business model and strategic plan.


A serial entrepreneur- or rather, a parallel entrepreneur- Antoine decided in 2010 to create the adVentures startup studio and reinvested the funds gained from his first startup. Antoine has been a pioneer of the studio model being the first studio in France, and among the first in the world. adVentures builds its portfolio of successful startups operating in a diversity of fields: cloud computing, digital collaboration, genetic engineering technologies, art, and knowledge-sharing. Through his consulting firm WMI, Antoine also occasionally helps entrepreneurs outside of his studio; for example, WMI is proud to have provided strategic advice to the founder of one of the world’s leading international executive forums, the Women’s Forum. WMI advised the founder from pre-inception (the vision- building phase), to the successive business model optimizations, to capital increases, down to the company’s sale to Publicis group.

Antoine enjoys helping clients to grasp substantial value creation by designing a creative combination of traditional business methods with less conventional, entrepreneurial-inspired strategies.

Antoine is aged 48. He’s a private pilot, and father of five.

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