XXI st century CEOs are like boat captains engaged in an oceanic trip: uncertain meteorology, limited visibility beyond the horizon line, and immensely vast areas to navigate.
The essential business strategy concepts we learned in a business school and practiced in consulting firms and corporations, have been established in the 70’s and 80’s of last century. Since then, globalization and technology disruptions have changed the playground. Net, less visibility, faster business moves, more risks but also greater opportunities to seize.

At WMI, we believe conventional strategies are good to know, but clearly not sufficient to defend and maximize value in today’s context. Textbook, beautifully-designed and well-executed strategies are not enough anymore to protect a business and boost value.

WMI offers CEOs the opportunity to design a new business strategy, smartly fit for a fast moving, uncertain environment, and capable of reaching ambitious value creation goals.

The most brilliant value creation routes now appear to be a skilled combination of classical strategy with creative, non-conventional moves executed with entrepreneurial spirit.

WMI methodologies integrate classical strategic analysis skills with creative entrepreneurial ones. We work in close collaboration with CEOs and their teams, and when appropriate with shareholders – as we strive to inspire and/or design strategies that maximize market value.


Your agile growth strategy

Conventional strategies are bound to fail.

We help the CEO and exec team to design an ambitious, agile business strategy, with a focus on building substantial shareholder value.


Your strategic initiative

Strategic growth initiatives fall short.

We assess your strategic initiative and provide independent advice, analyze synergies and risks, optimize value and help making a sound an informed decision.


Your next hanging fruits

Opportunities at hand are easily missed.

We offer proprietary quantitative methods to help making better investment decisions, with a shareholder perspective centered on risk vs value.

Strategy by entrepreneurs

Since 2001

WMI was founded at the beginning of this century, in 2001. We created the firm as a creative bounce to save our first technology startup in the midst of the financial crisis.

Open-minded CEOs trusted our ‘strategy by entrepreneurs’ unique line. The move was successful, no need to come back to the BCG. Over years we consolidated our experience by working in parallel on two pillars: providing strategic inspiration and advice to leaders of great organizations (more than 100 missions performed to date), and running our own portfolio of entrepreneurial ventures (with our startup studio adVentures).

Client profiling – check list

If you match the following 4 criteria, don’t hesitate to contact us!

  • You are a CEO, board member, or member of the executive committe
  • You are firstly concerned about creating shareholder value
  • You look for inspiration and skills to design an ambitious business strategy
  • You are ready to consider creative, entrepreneurial-inspired strategies