Corporations are increasingly in need of effective innovation models to fuel their long-term growth, and to tackle short-term competitive challenges.

The startup studio model opens-up a new, potentially powerful organizational model for corporations who take entrepreneurial innovation seriously.

The corporate venture model has long shown its limits, as well as other ones such as corporate incubators, direct investment into early stage ventures or into sector specialized funds. With some exceptions, these attempts proved overall relatively ineffective for corporations.

Startup studios have initially emerged as standalone firms exploring a new model to produce technology-based innovation. From 20 firms in 2010, the model now counts more than 300 studios, increasing rapidly. Studios seek, and in many occasions, start to deliver, a superior performance versus older models, especially higher success rates in their ventures.

Although highly efficient, the standalone studio model cannot be copy-pasted. WMI helps established corporations designing a smart corporate studio strategy and organizational model, and to deliver real growth opportunities and value.


your startup studio

We help you to analyze the scenarios, evaluate the benefits and risks, design the best route, and convince decision makers with a strong and clear strategy.


your corporate studio

We help you to design the business plan, organizational model and processes to make your studio an effective innovation powerhouse for your group.


your corporate studio

In the execution phase, we help you to get the most of your corporate studio in a variety of areas such as selecting projects, coaching teams or bringing innovation to life.

Client profiling – WMI check list

If you match the following 4 criteria, don’t hesitate to contact us!

  • You are member of, or report to the group Executive Committee
  • Your CEO is open-minded and has an interest in entrepreneurial innovation
  • Your group has retained some entrepreneurial spirit in its genes
  • Your sector is, or will likely be, challenged by technology-driven disruptions